Minor Details

Lately I've been mailing out so many zines that the lady at the post office has started to recognize me. Mostly trades, so I have gotten a lot of interesting things in return. But the zine I want to tell you about today is one I ordered and paid for with real money—and honestly, I could never in good conscience swap something I made for a work of art like this.

Minutiae #1 and 2 are printed on nice thick paper with colored cardstock covers. They feature gorgeous illustrations and my favorite kind of handwriting, half print/half cursive. #1 is all about the first month Aijung spent in Portland, from July to August 2008. The next issue, made in summer 2009, finds her in Richmond, Virginia. I shared these with my mom the last time she was visiting, and she read them very intently. We talked about how Aijung only stayed in Portland for a little while and pointed out all the awesome drawings, including my favorite of what must be the cutest salt-n-pepper shaker in the world.

You can get these in Aijung's etsy shop. Definitely worth it.


Sadako said...

They look gorgeous!

curator of cute said...

I second Sadako statement! I am going to have to check out her etsy shop right now!