I Like It, I Love It

In which I tell you straight out my likes and dislikes. (In case you were wondering.)

YA about girls, in general.
Sassy chicks. (Gingerbread; Alice, I Think)
Chicks with self-esteem issues. (The Princess Diaries; The Earth, My Butt and Other Big, Round Things)
Graphic novels about girls in realistic settings. (Plain Janes, Ghost World)
Music stuff. (I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone; Audrey, Wait!; Beige)
Dorky/nerdy/smart kids. (Empress of the World, Paper Towns; Millicent Min, Girl Genius)
Boarding school. (Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks; Prep)
"Multicultural" protags trying to figure out their identity. (Born Confused; Skunk Girl; The Fold)
Girls who are out of control. (Girl; Namedropper)
Funny chick lit. (Diary of a Chav; My Big Nose & Other Natural Disasters)
Light-hearted mysteries. (Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls)

Boy protagonists. (Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian; Abundance of Katherines)
Dark-ish and/or depressing YA. (As Simple as Snow)
Vapid series books. (A-List; Pretty Little Liars)
Vampires -- serious and in love. (Twilight; The Silver Kiss)
Vampires -- silly. (Vamped)
Zombies. (Forest of Hands and Teeth)
Historical fiction. (What I Saw and How I Lied; Fever 1793)
Magical realism. (Elsewhere; Almost anything by Francesca Lia Block)
Science fiction featuring GIRLS. (Uglies)
Dystopias. (Little Brother)

Characters with ridiculously unpronounceable names.
Fairies, angels, and most "paranormal."
500-page beasts.
Superhero graphic novels and/or comics.


curator of cute said...

that was fun to read!

Jen said...

Andrea, sometimes I wished you still lived in Seattle so we could meet for coffee and have book lovefests.

My Like/Dislike list is pretty much identical!

andrea jean said...

Cute: I'm glad! I kind of thought it might just be totally self-absorbed and boring to everyone else.

Jen: Same here!

Sadako said...

The Earth, My Butt and Other Big, Round Things--agree, I just read this and really liked it. I'm really loving Carolyn Mackler.

Sadako said...

This is from a while ago, but just realized that your pic is from the book Girl by Blake Nelson...which I always wanted to read in middle school but could never find. Did you like it?

andrea jean said...

I did like it! I wanted to read it because the "Girl" has the same name as me. It's very sensationalized, but I like that -- nice and juicy. (Also, super '90s!)