Coffee & Cupcakes

Just a few books that are appealing to my sweet tooth today. The only one I've read so far is Devilish by Maureen Johnson. I do own Cupcake by Rachel Cohn, but a little compulsion of mine has delayed my reading it. (Long story short, it's the third book about wild child Cyd Charisse. I own the first one, Gingerbread, but I cannot find a copy of the second, Shrimp, with a matching cover. I refuse to own a mixed set. Maybe I should just borrow Shrimp from the library and get it over with?)


Jen said...

I totally hear you about non-matching sets. I bought Shrimp from a discount rack and it doesn't match my copies of Gingerbread or Cupcake. Which has actually deterred me from reading it.

It's just so ugly! But if the story is anything like Gingerbread, I know I'll love it.

andrea jean said...

I ordered Shrimp from Barnes & Noble because they had a picture of the version I wanted -- but the copy I got in the mail was different! I actually went to a B&N store to return it.

Now I see Amazon is showing a picture of the one that matches my Gingerbread & Cupcake. If I hadn't just bought some books and videos, I'd take another gamble and order it from them.