Healthy as a Horse

Dear reader(s), I am sick. Again. All I can do is read girly graphic novels and watch TV. And it's time for me to comment on this fall's ANTM. If this girl—the half-nekkid one next to the large equine—is not America's Next Top Model, I will be sorely disappointed. Disappointed in Tyra Banks and all of humanity. Well, I guess I wouldn't cry if Laura won, either. She is sweet, and the queen of the frozen-food aisle, after all.


Jen said...

Ooh what girly comics are you reading? Ever since Minx collapsed, I've been struggling to find good stuff for ladies.

I haven't watched ANTM at ALL this season! That used to be my show, but I've had classes on Wednesday nights. Isn't this the season with the short models?

Hope you feel better! Almost everyone I know is fighting some sort of cold. Take care of yourself.


andrea jean said...

Thanks, Jen! I'm feeling a lot better today. But over the week I re-read all the Baby-sitters Club graphic novels -- they are so cute! -- plus another Graphix one called Breaking Up by Aimee Friedman. (Plus Pretty Little Liars and The Against Taffy Sinclair Club.)

It is the short model season :) Every episode they tell the girls they have to make themselves look "longer," ha!

curator of cute said...

Hope you feel better and back to yourself soon! Nothing like the change of seasons to bring on a cold or the flu.

Jen said...

Andrea, after reading your post, I had to watch last weeks ANTM! (and by the way, I was home sick that day as well, yuck.)

Is that Nicole in the picture? I immediately loved her and Lauren for all her weird-ness. Kind of regretting not getting into this season more.

I also joined blogger (had a blog at wordpress before), if you're interested in checking it out:

andrea jean said...

Yep, it's Nicole! She's my fave. Most of the girls this season were pretty likable.

Also -- I am definitely going to check out your blog! Thanks for letting me know about it!