Why I Love Summer

So back a couple of weeks ago, when I posted about Jenny Han's haiku contest celebrating the release of The Summer I Turned Pretty, I had no idea that I would win it!

The theme of the contest was "your favorite things about summer." This is what I wrote:
long bike rides with friends
bugs a-glow in clear glass jars
slurping otter pops
But if I were you, I'd be more interested in the prizes! Miss Jenny sent me a signed copy of the book (which I plan to read and booktalk for my YA lit class), plus this really cool USB mixtape thingy with songs by Beck, Band of Horses, Jenny Lewis, The Smiths, and many others including my favorites, Camera Obscura. Thank you, Jenny!


curator of cute said...

Congrats! Awesome prize! I love how she sent a mixtape usb!