7 Things That Make This Blog Rock

Sadako tagged me in this meme (name seven things that make your blog awesome, and then pass it on to seven other awesome people), and I have to say that the number SEVEN is somewhat daunting! But I'ma go for it.

1. I only post about once each week, so you don't have to wade through any filler. Just 100% Stuff I Consider Important Enough to Spend at Least 10 Minutes Writing About.

2. No real focus! That means you can read about Peaches Geldof one day, and Frida Kahlo's eyebrows the next.

3. Flashbacks: I got Taffy Sinclair, I got Jem, I got Slam Book Fever.

4. I work in a library. I like to borrow lots of books from the library. Especially YA fiction. And then I write about those books here. Except not right now, because I'm taking this really cool class in which I have to read 20 YA books in 10 weeks and write about them on a different blog. But the books will be back.

5. Check out For Reels. I'm rating every single movie I watch (for the first time) in 2009. The best so far has been Quinceanera. The worst? St. Elmo's Fire.

6. I know I'll never be as funny as FourFour or as smart as Feministing, and I don't try to be. I'm just doing my thing.

7. When you hear Mode a la Pie, you think about ice cream.

Who else is awesome
in my opinion? Well, Crush Crazy Cute Down and Good Egg, to name a couple. And you know what, let's just leave it at that—I love being tagged, but I'm kind of shy about doing it myself. If Gidget or Kate sees this and feels compelled to do the meme, that will be awesome, too.


Kate said...

Love this meme. I also love being tagged and I'm also shy about it! I'll get you back soon Andrea. How's library school?

andrea jean said...

Library school is great! I'm actually doing a zine about it. I have to send copies for you and ZAPP.

curator of cute said...

you did a great job at describing your blog and explaining why it's awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, hell yes, Taffy Sinclair. That is indeed a selling point right there.