I Know We're Cool

Call me Jenny Come Lately, but I can't let No Doubt's appearance on last month's flashback episode of Gossip Girl pass by without some sort of comment. Dude, it brought me back to 1997, when I saw them (but not Weezer, because I was too busy being sick in the restroom during my so-excited-I-can-and-will-puke phase—TMI?) for the first and only time at the Jones Beach theater. Gwen and Gavin always tied Kurt and Courtney for the title of My Favorite Couple of the '90s. But G&G could never have happened if Gwen hadn't fallen in love—and broken up—with Tony first. And now they're c-cool! Check out these vids chronicling their relationship, from heartbreak to regret to okay-ness.

Don't Speak
| my 10th grade after-school snack

Simple Kind of Life | hearts♥ for pink hair Gwen

Cool | solo Gwen embraces her Italian heritage


DB said...

I remember that phase (and that particular episode) well.

andrea jean said...

I bet you do!