Smile with Allison's Doll Eyes

Top Model pulled a double feature tonight—besides the regular episode, they also aired the usual mid-cycle hour of recap and outtakes. Now that it's down to seven girls, I reveal ... MY FAVORITES (in alphabetical order):

I love her eyes, her obsession with nose bleeds, and that pink dress she wore that one time. (Previous ANTM contestant point of reference: Heather. Or Marjorie. The weird girls.)

It's obvious she loves fashun, and she's pretty competent all around. Plus, that tattletale act was pure entertainment. I see top three in her future. (Previous ANTM contestant point of reference: Melrose.)

She is so cute with those freckles and the haircut that made her cry. (Previous ANTM contestant point of reference: Saleisha.)

I also like Aminat, and I wouldn't be surprised if Teyona won what with Tyra's love for her wind-tunnel face. But Natalie's a snob-and-a-half, and you know London is outta there soon.


Sadako said...

I haven't been watching but I finally saw last night...guess you were right about London!

Also agree--I like Celia's whole fashion thing, I hope she goes far.

andrea jean said...

They definitely hinted about London's weight gain being a problem last week... it's funny because I never would have noticed it without them mentioning. Maybe my TV isn't big enough!