From the Archives: "Don't Feed the Rabbit Lettuce!"

A cute little story for and about bookworms, Eve Bunting's Sixth Grade Sleepover (1986) answers the age-old question "How can you go to a school lock-in if you're afraid of the dark?"

Janie and her friend Claudia are RABBITS (members of Read a Book, Bring it to School) who love taking care of the class bunny Pebbles, worshiping the school reading specialist Mrs. Golden, and crushing on boy RABBITS Blake and Malcolm. When the sixth grade RABBITS-only sleepover is announced, Claudia's psyched. But Janie has a problem—stemming from the fact that her babysitter used to lock her in a dark hall closet! For real.

I love how this book makes reading seem like the coolest thing ever. We never had a reading club at my school, but I always participated in the library's summer reading program and remember being really psyched the one year I tied another girl for most books read.