Nobody Likes You When You're 23

If you happened to catch the network premiere of Quarterlife last week, you might be disappointed to know that NBC has canned it already (and plans to pawn it off on Bravo). But you're probably not surprised. There's no way this show could make sense to anyone over 35—the major plot device is a character vlogging about her friends. Maybe no one wants to watch a show about this generation whose self-absorption is the biggest obstacle to realizing our dreams of "making a difference" and changing the world. The first hour-long episode, strung together from smaller parts that originated on the web, was sloooow. But, I don't know, isn't that like real life?

The thing that bothers me is the website. You can watch episodes of the show on there (although they load way faster on YouTube), but it's also a community thing where anyone can register and post their own photos and blogs and stuff. That's where Dylan posts her vlog on the show, and in a later ep the actress girl uploads some videos, too. So is the show just a really big budget ad for this social network? It would probably make a lot more sense if I were five years younger.