Fierce Fashion Thursday

First of all, Cycle 10. Is America's Next Top Model the poor girl's version of Project Runway? I don't have cable, so Wednesday night means Tyra for me. How did the weird Brooklyn girl—Lauren, I think she's called—make it all the way to Top 14? I love her so far. And I can't wait for Fatima's makeover. That hair has got to go. (By the way, if you want ANTM recaps, go to fourfour and Fred Flare. I could never compete with them, so I'm not even going to try.)

In other news, girls rule the web! So says the New York Times. Not really a surprise. Girls have always been more into keeping diaries, compiling photo albums and alienating friends with the venom of slambooks. The Internet is just another venue for all that, and these creative young girls are so lucky to have it. I would have loved Facebook and blogs and podcasts at that age. Alas, I didn't even have an e-mail address until I was 15 or 16. And when I first logged on to Prodigy at a friend's house in sixth grade, we were totally just looking for boys.