Jessica McClintock is So 1998

Forget the limo, corsage, mediocre chicken dinner ... every girl knows that when it comes to prom, only two things matter: the dress and the date. Quigley and Ann have a plan for their formal wear: working as many odd jobs as they can get to save up for the most gorgeous gowns frozen-pizza-factory money can buy. As for boys? Ann always has a few names on her dance card, but Quigley is a little less sure of who she might want to slow dance with. That is, until Ann's mom hires the girls to work as fit models for her fashion design class at RISD. Art student Xander is cute, sweet, and (supposedly) straight—a potential prom date and dress designer all in one. But is he the one for Quigley?

Will Work for Prom Dress is funny and cute, if a bit sold short by its title. There are other things going on, like Quigley's struggle to get into her dream college and Ann's less-than-perfect relationships with her famous parents. It does all start to come a bit unraveled toward the end, but overall this is a fun read and one that I would recommend if you're looking for something more than the usual cookie-cutter characters.

Reviewed from an ARC sent by the publisher.


Kate Evangelista said...


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John Michael Cummings said...

Dear Andrea,

I'm an author with a new collection of YA short stories, Ugly To Start With (West Virginia University Press).

Will you please consider reviewing it?

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Thank you so much.

John Michael Cummings

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