Happy New Year

Merry 2011 to you all! And bonus well wishes to anyone who can name the book that contains one of my most favorite NYE scenes:

We cleaned the house, finished making the snacks and dessert, and decorated the living room. Mom pulled out a box filled with corny New Year's stuff—funny hats, horns, even a cardboard baby wearing a diaper, and a banner. The banner read, "1979." I hung it on the wall anyway, since I thought it was cool.

My night (according to the text message invite I received yesterday) will be filled with "hangouts, wine, and a whole roast chicken." Until then, I will be doing laundry and reading Mary Anne's Revenge from the BSC Friends Forever spin-off series, which I just received via Paperback Swap. Buona sera!


curator of cute said...

who is Mary anne taking her revenge against??

andrea jean said...

It's her revenge against Cokie Mason for always trying to steal Logan and making fun of Mary Anne!

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