Philly Zine Fest '08

I went to the Philly Zine Fest today and came home with Andrea's Real-Life Animal Adventures #2. Yeah, I picked it for the name, but it also has a cute design and appealingly simple concept. Andrea writes about (and draws) all the animals she's encountered, from a sparrow to a seal to a swallowtail butterfly. I like how she presents the animals that I usually think of as gross or pesky—squirrels, pigeons, rats—from a sympathetic viewpoint. Them varmints may be annoying, but I guess all creatures have their place in the world.

And for the budding librarian in me, I got one of Lollipoop Designs' library card journals. These are made from real cards like the ones I used to fill out at my elementary school library, back in the days when we had to thumb through the card catalog to look for books by title, author or subject.

Both Andrea's Real-Life Animal Adventures and the library card journal came from My My. I regret not fighting the crowd to get a good look at the PB&J table, too. That's Publishing by Brianna & Jessica, who are two very cool 12-year-old girls.

I did manage to score a vegan donut, though! The lady behind the table encouraged me to get one with icing that was made pink by cranberries, not food coloring.


love,gidget said...

That Andrea's Real-Life Animal Adventures #2 zine sounds amazing.

andrea jean said...

It's really neat, and it's typed with one of those typewriters that has a kind of cursive font!

Anonymous said...

That's really cool, I'm sorry I missed the library card books! Jessica from P B & J was awesome, she traded zines with my daughter and I got to interview her a little bit for Zinecore Radio.

Kate said...

ooh I want a Real-life Animal Adventures copy for my very own. What do I have to do? In fact I want two copies so I can put one in ZAPP!

The archive is open now, did you hear? It's a work of wonder and beauty and sweat and tears. We're all so relieved/happy. You're on our hall of volunteer fame.

andrea jean said...

I'm so happy ZAPP has opened its doors. Wish I could be there to see it!

I don't know how one should go about acquiring the Animal Adventures zine via the internet. The online shop for the distro I got it from (MY MY) is closed. But hopefully she will re-open soon.