Smiling in the Bright Lights

Okay, I'm a geek. When I was in high school, I wrote short stories about girls making out with rock stars backstage and other girls whose own bands became super famous and wound up on the cover of Spin.

Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway is like my teenage fantasy, only way cooler. It's about a girl who becomes the hot tabloid honey when her ex-boyfriend's band gets famous with a song he wrote about her. Only Audrey didn't ask to be stalked in the halls of her school or chased down by the paparazzi while on a date with her new guy. Fame is a scary ride, but with a BFF like Queen Victoria and her beloved music to keep her sane, Audrey might be able to make it.

Each chapter is introduced with a snippet of lyrics apropos of the story's action, a nice touch (like the chapters in Beige, which I'll talk about sometime in the near future) that furthers the message of how important music can be, especially to high school girls. Audrey is a cool chick who goes to shows, but she still spends hours cutting out magazine pictures of her favorite bands and collaging her bedroom wall. That is real life right there.