You Know It Makes Me Smile

Yay! Sadako from Dibbly Fresh gave me the Happy 101 blog award. So in the spirit of happiness, contentment, felicity, and glee—10 things that make me happy (and lots of exclamation points):

1. Zines in my mailbox! I've been doing lots of trades lately and hope to write about some of the cool titles I've gotten soon.

2. Dreams about cute boys! Duh.

3. Helping people! Especially when they say "thank you." But seriously, I'm going to be volunteering as part of a MLK "day of service" on Monday, and I think it's gonna be fun.

4. Arrested Development! Boyfriend got the 2nd and 3rd seasons for Christmas. It's my second time watching the series, but I feel like I could see it 100 times and never stop laughing.

5. Days off with nothing to do! A rare occurrence. I try to enjoy it when I can.

6. Bookstores! I swear I find myself at B&N once a week.

7. Pizza! I would never ever say no to a slice.

8. Cardigan sweaters! Especially long ones. Layering is my friend.

9. Checking things off a list! Sometimes I make lists just so I can draw those little check marks. Crossing things out is fun, too.

10. Puppies! Next apartment I get HAS to be "pet-friendly" so I can fulfill my lifelong dream. Of adopting a puppy. First my parents wouldn't let me get one and now my landlord? So lame. (Sorry, this one turned into a frown!)