Xmas List #1: Novelty Cameras

All I want for Christmas—and yes, I've already started shopping—is stuff, stuff, stuff! First on my list is any cute little camera from
Fred Flare or Urban Outfitters. I already have one LOMO (the Action Sampler), but who wouldn't love a whole shelf full of 'em? The Mr. Pink Diana F+ is super cool-looking and the flash can be set to use colored lights instead of just plain old white. I saw the Fuji Instax on the back of the UO catalog while I was waiting to get my hair cut the other day, and it was "instant" love. Credit card-size pics might just make me forget all that mini-sticker-picture camera I never got back in the day.


curator of cute said...

Fuji Instax is on my wishlist too. I just love the adorable sized photos!

Sadako said...

That stuff is so cute! Want!