Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

Rosemary Goode weighs 190 pounds—make that 200 pounds, after a Christmas-cookie-humiliation-related holiday binge. She's sick of being bullied at school, sick of being scrutinized by the ladies at her mom's salon, and sick of feeling like crap most of the time. But she loves waffles and chocolate cake and Chunky Monkey ice cream, and the treadmill her mom bought her works best as a clothes rack.

Enter motivation in the form of a 6'4", 260-pound football player: Kyle Cox. He's handsome and sweet, and he calls her "Rosie."

Artichoke's Heart is the story of how Rosie takes control over her life, learns to love herself, and gets the guy. Yeah, it's corny, but it's also uplifting. Rosie's friendship with perfect blond cheerleader Kay-Kay Reese is surprisingly three-dimensional. The only thing that really bugged me about this book was Rosie and Kyle's coincidental mutual love for old-timey music. (Suzanne Supplee may dig Van Morrison, James Taylor, and Ray Charles, but I just can't imagine it being the makeout music of choice for real teenagers.)

Incidentally, did you know that teen lit is "alive with positive characters of size?"


curator of cute said...

it's nice to hear that there is a book that deals with the friendship between the perfect cheerleader and the noncheerleader in an indepth way.