Hello Amber

One of the best things about the best zines, I think, is learning about other people and where they're coming from. Last week I got to know Amber, through a "superpack" of five issues of her zine Culture Slut.

If Amber and I met in real life, we might not think we had that much in common just by looking at each other. She has tattoos and pink dreadlocks and likes to drink wine and have dance parties. I'm a close-to-teetotaling wallflower with boring old straight brown hair and no "ink" to speak of. Then again, we both have kind of rad glasses, and we're both feminists. In
Culture Slut, Amber writes about stuff like wishing she had a tight girl gang and dealing with looking young for her age—which I can totally relate to. She also gets personal, relating how she found out about her half sister and telling the story of why she changed her name.

Culture Slut #17 is actually a split with Telegram Ma'am #17, made by Amber's twin sister Maranda. Culture Slut #18 is the latest edition, and it's the Polaroid Issue, printed in color! It's full of photos of Amber's friends and places she's seen in her journeys. You can order just that one, but I recommend the superpack for a better appreciation of the person behind the pictures.


curator of cute said...

I'm def going to have to check these out! The zines sound like great reads!