City of Love

I moved to Philadelphia, City of (Brotherly) Love, in September 2008, and I've barely seen it outside the little neighborhood where I live, work, and go to school. So here's my ongoing list of Places to Check Out, to be moved to a list of Places I Have Checked Out as I do so. Suggestions? Let me know!

Philadelphia Places to Check Out:

AKA Music
Most commonly recommended record store.

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Great name. Cool-looking store.

Art Star
Like, the coolest boutique or something.

Franklin Fountain

Old-fashioned ice cream parlor recommended by friends.

Jones Restaurant
Looks "kitschy."

Long in the Tooth
Record store. For some reason, I first typed this as "Long in the Tootle."

Mama's Vegetarian

A mecca for cuteness?

Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop

Reminds me of my favorite tea place in Seattle.

South Street

Occasionally hung out there as a college student; haven't been back since.

Philadelphia Places I Have Checked Out:

Went for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Good burger, but nothing to write home about. Maybe come back for margaritas one night? (If only I actually drank margaritas.) 7/11/09

Fairmount Park and Schuylkill Banks
Walked along the river, checked out the Waterworks and read the inscriptions on all the statues of old dudes. A lovely Sunday activity! 9/13/09

Last Word Bookshop
Most important to me: a truly decent children's/YA selection. Secondly important: like all good used bookstores, it includes a cat.

Milk & Honey Market
I anticipated their opening for months and finally got there only to be kinda disappointed by the small selection and the fact that they sold us moldy sour cream. But thumbs up on the cheese and nut free sample! 1/7/10

PHAG (Philadelphia Home Art Garden)
Cute little shop on Walnut Street filled with some really slick larger pieces as well as a good selection of kitschy accessories. It's like visiting your kooky gay uncle. 8/15/09

Philadephia Museum of Art
Dude, now I know why it was such a great workout for Rocky to run up those steps—there's so many of them! Didn't explore the whole museum but got to see some Marcel Duchamps and other cool stuff. 9/13/09

Reading Terminal Market
I feel like kind of a traitor to Seattle, but as far as the food goes anyway, I have to say RTM beats Pike Place Market. Where else can you get Italian, Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, AND Amish cuisine all under one roof? Plus the bathroom here is way nicer. 7/25/09

We went there for Valentine's Day! 

What I wrote before: Sushi and noodle-type restaurant, newish to the neighborhood. Looks cute. Also, if you bring your own bowl, you can "save the mother earth and fifty cents all in one place."
What I say now: Small menu, which I like because it probably means that they're good at what they do. You order at the counter and get a little beeper that lets you know when your food is ready. Loved my tofu yakisoba, and there was enough for leftovers. 2/14/10


Kate said...

Thanks for the zines Andrea! We're so excited to read them...and then add them forever to ZAPP.


Sadako said...

Margaritas are fun. Maybe you'll start?