Tweetie Sweet Pea

Between my six-times-a-day Jezebel habit and my lifetime subscription to NYLON, I've been hearing a lot about this Peaches Geldof chick lately. She's kind of the British version of Nicole Richie. But more like Paris Hilton, she has a sister who you might get her confused with.

That sister is named Pixie. Which brings me to my point. Peaches and Pixie are the two famous sisters (cause they do fashion/modely/socialite stuff), but they aren't the only ones. There's Fifi, the big sis, and Tiger Lily, the little sis, too! And why is this of such extreme interest to me? (Which it is.) Because I can only conclude that my favorite author, Francesca Lia Block, has been stealing their names for her characters!

There are Peachy Pie and Pixie, both in the
Girl Goddess #9 short story collection, published in 1996. (Peachy Pie has a sister named Tweetie, and Pixie has a BFF named Pony.) And Fifi is Dirk's grandma from Weetzie Bat, published in 1989. There's no Tiger Lily in the FLB canon that I can think of, but she does give us a Witch Baby and a Cherokee Bat. Tell me, am I on to something?


Sadako said...

I think so. Actually, the first thing I thought of was FLB when I read your blog post, and I was like, "Someone else who remembers? Awright!" I didn't remember that Tweety was the sister of Peachy Pie. Lost my copy of Girl Goddess. Really need to get it back, since I was thinking of doing it on my blog.

Witch Baby and Cherokee were probably my two favorite names. Well, that and Weetzie...