Art Saves

Happy Teen Read Week! I finally got a chance to visit the public library in my new city, and the first book I borrowed was—of course—a teen read.

The Plain Janes was Cecil Castelluci's first graphic novel (with drawings by Jim Rugg), published by the now-axed teen girls' imprint Minx. I love it! It's all about Jane, a girl who saves herself from her traumatic past with guerrilla art projects and a new group of girlfriends, all named Jane. They call themselves People Loving Art In Neighborhoods (P.L.A.I.N.). Besides our heroine main Jane, there's drama Jane, brain Jane and butch-unibrow-jock Jane. Now you can read about their continued adventures in Janes in Love.

And with The Guerrilla Art Kit, you can love art in your own neighborhood.

Guerrilla Girls, anyone?