All Girls in Autumn

“Everyone wants something new / What’s familiar just won’t do.” So sings All Girl Summer Fun Band on their new album, Looking Into It. True enough; if a band doesn’t change over the course of 10 years, they’re one-trick My Little Ponies in many people’s eyes. But AGSFB has grown with every recording since their four song debut EP, and this one – five long years after the release of 2 – marks the biggest progression of all. It’s the first album without bassist Ari D., and despite the number of welcome hand claps and cute little “uh ohs,” introduces some surprisingly dark, sad songs to the band’s repertoire. Like ones with lyrics about breaking plastic toys and turning tears to snow. So where’s the summer fun in that? In Kim and Jen’s sweet girly voices. Best among the rough tracks I’ve heard: the pretty ballad “The Only Ones.” I’d like to imagine it’s a sequel to “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Troublemaker,” or maybe what happens after that girl “borrows” Becky’s boyfriend.