Even When I Was 12

Fifteen years ago, I didn't have a CD collection. I had a CD: Amy Grant's
Heart in Motion. Hardly Liz Phair. So I can't say I've been a fan of Exile in Guyville from the beginning. At age 12, I wasn't quite ready for it. (You know Thirteen, one of my favorite movies? I was like the dorky neighbor friend Evan Rachel Wood dropped the second those cool queen bees acknowledged her. And speaking of that movie, Liz's "Explain it to Me" very nicely plays over the end credits.)

Anyway, when I finally was prepared for its awesomeness,
Exile in Guyville was there waiting for me at Tower Records. One of the catchier tunes, "Never Said," was on the best mix tape I'd ever received and prompted me to finally buy the CD. "Flower" is the main source of Liz's lyrical notoriety, and "Divorce Song" seems to be quite beloved by fans—but "Fuck and Run" is my flat-out favorite from the first strums of the guitar.

Now, in honor of its 15th anniversary, the album is being re-released on vinyl and Liz is playing it live in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Given the unpopularity of the glossy recent records
Liz Phair and Somebody's Miracle, this celebration of her roots is a smart move. She knows everyone loves Exile in Guyville, she's acknowledging it, and hopefully that's enough for the old-school fans to allow her to move on for good. Not ready? Download the Girly-Sound tapes! Seriously, now. Get inspired by these home recordings and start a revolution in your room.


_ said...

aw i loved liz' first three records. thanks for the tip on the demos, a.b.!

Melissa Walker said...

oh man. i had no idea! yay! "f and run" was part of my high school slideshow soundtrack in 1995. yeah, our principal loved that.