I Hate It When You're Not Around

I won't pretend to be Heath Ledger's biggest fan. Of course I find him super attractive and charming, and even with that icky hair in 10 Things I Hate About You he made me wish I could make out with him after playing paintball in Gasworks Park. (Did you know it was set in Seattle? I didn't until after I moved here.) But I haven't even seen Brokeback Mountain yet. So why is it so sad that he died? Besides the fact that any 28 year old dying is sad. And any two-year-old girl's daddy dying is sad.

Maybe, for me, it's because I hate how all these boys keep dying. And because I hate seeing the phrase "found dead" after anyone's name. Like last week with Brad Renfro.

Heath is going to be a legend now. It could be because of his Oscar nomination or his good looks, or the fact that he and Michelle Williams were such an adorable couple.

I'm not sure how people will look back on Brad. Probably as someone who could have done better. If they don't just forget about him.

This photo is a total Teen Beat pin-up. And it's how I'll always remember him, the little brat in The Client whom I majorly crushed on. He was helplessly cute in Ghost World and way intense in Bully. So maybe I'm Brad Renfro's biggest fan. But Heath! I'm going to be bummed out for days. It's so tragic. I couldn't get that song that Patrick Verona sings to Kat out of my head this morning.